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Friday, April 21

Spending some quality time with my host family in Nanganehana; Helene, Efatra and Parany.

Thursday, April 20

To friends & family: sorry no posts yet w/ details of adventure here; there is simply no time. Training is almost over however (less than a week), and then it is off to site. With luck, I’ll be able to visit Fianarantsoa in a month or so to put something more detailed into words. Until then, I’ll leave you with this short video of Tamatave. The whole trip is not there but it may give you an idea of what I was doing and seeing in this wonderful city. Please know that I’ll be out of contact again for some time. For those of you who asked, packages can be sent to the address given to the left. Envelopes w/ bubbles are better than boxes. Cheerio.

Sunday, April 2

After I post this, I'm running to the taxi-brusse station w/ bags, laptop, two coconuts and some very large bananas. Hope it works! Regards...

Tamatave (Toamasina) - A quick post from the east coast. All is well. Unfortunately however, there is no time for a complete update. I’m here on a tech field trip and have visited an excellent NGO working in water/sanitation and literacy programs. Have also had a very interesting tour of the prison here which I am unable to put to words in this short space.

The coast is wonderful and it is no small thing that I am seeing the Indian Ocean again after so many years. I’m working on finding a way to post some photos and videos to give you a visual portrayal of life here in Madagascar. This may not be possible but I will try. That’s all for now friends. Please excuse the brevity - it is the best I can do at the moment. Best regards - Luke