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Friday, April 21

Spending some quality time with my host family in Nanganehana; Helene, Efatra and Parany.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


its your friends Bonica and Emmanuel..writing you from our nation's capital..
Bonica is here doing intensive management training with the White House staff...How exciting..
she was present at an event were Clinton spoke..unfortuantely she did not receive cigars from him.. :)

But its not as exciting and interesting as your adventure. We envy that you are living in Madagascar and serving the people..while Bonica and I watch movies about "spelling bees" at Union Station...hahaha!

Post more notes and videos..I love em' alot!
Love ya Bro'! Emmanuel

Now here's Bonica: ( i have to go to the bathroom now..)
Hi Luke, sorry, Emmie's post was all about me...I am here for a few days and we decided to check out your blog. I really enjoyed your latest did Emmie, he was enthralled. You take care, and I look forward to your next post.

9:31 pm  
Anonymous Lars said...

dude, I`m sure you`ve noticed that you are leaning on some fine piece of german engineering, I`m glad to hear that you are doing great .....

3:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your videos are very impressive. So much so that I've 'copied' your style.

I believe you know my daughter, Casey. She directed me to your blog because she knows I liked your 'Latrine' video.

Looks like your Peace Corp service has been very interesting.


3:21 pm  

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