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Tuesday, February 27

Sing Family

Every day or so the mail sets out from Fianarantsoa, traveling south on route national 7 to Tulear. From the rocky highlands of the Betsileo down through Bara country and herds of Zebu and rolling grasslands and the baobabs to Tulear and the home of the Vezo, masters of the sea. A pleasant drive in any manner but more so if you stop in Ambalavao at the home of Francois d’Assise, Professor of the lycee at Tsiroanomandidy.

Some road trips can be just right can’t they; the sun high in a vast and blue sky radiating a certain warmth, every window open to a cool breeze, the hills and mountains rolling by as if just for you. A stop in Ambalavao to deliver a few packages and then we're joined by the professor and his family on route to Tulear and the ocean and memories to come of children splashing and the sway of palm fronds and salt on skin. But now it's singing and riding and feeling the depth of it in your heart and knowing that it's something unique and to be shared.

Sometimes a moment is all that can be asked for. I am thankful for having one of these moments on RN 7 with the family of Francois d’Assise. I try to capture it for you now.


Anonymous Pam Barrett said...

Thank you, Luke for sharing your trip on RN7 with us. There are thousands of beautiful places, picture perfect moments, music and laughter all around. But you seem to have found the secret on that day. When the beauty seen and heard reaches the corridors of the heart, the result can be pure joy. I shall be always grateful to Francois d'Assise and family for bringing that joy to your heart, and now to mine. We love you. mom

2:54 am  

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