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Sunday, April 1

In Lands Beyond the Sea

Three forms of transport now- bike, boat and foot. Three elements- the road, the river, the forest. These I have pushed through, I have sliced through. These I have crawled over. And along the way there are faces and there are sounds and the hum of the rural landscape and I am witness to it all, I am also humming. We ride, we row, we follow the contours or push up and over the mountain slopes and there is always the opposing flow; the women with their children pass, the moonshine sellers with their burdens, fresh from the forest and the high plateau, they pass too with tired legs and the elders lean on canes with almost a century in their eyes. The waters too, high from cyclonic surges pass by; the flooded fields of rice, the matted canopy above our heads. Rugged green gives way to the well trodden path and I am witness to it all. And we are witness to it all.


Blogger Mr. Burns said...


It has been far too long... I am sorry my pen has been lacking. Two jobs, two kids, and a wife have kept me more than a little busy. Though... that is but a small excuse.

I enjoyed this post. I look forward to seeing and hearing your many stories upon your return.

I'm saying a prayer for you this evening... that the Lord encourage you through his word, empower you by his spirit, and comfort you with the knowledge of his goodness.

though I do not write often... you are missed friend.


9:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Luke,
Finally! Happy to see you have this post up. I really enjoyed it, and am also happy to realize that you have not lost your way with words!
Wanted you to know that I have read it...take care.

12:07 am  
Anonymous ryan said...

Hey friend. Just thinking about you. Hoping to see a new post some time soon. Let the world know how you're doing.


11:55 am  
Anonymous ryan said...

Are you still alive? How about an update?

Live in Richmond is changing these days... Jenn and I are actually moving to Orlando in December... long story that would require verification that you are, in fact, alive and well.

talk soon?

4:33 pm  

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