Regarding what became of Mr. Barrett on his return to Africa - the land of his birth - and providing certain details as to his whereabouts, the status of his health, whether physical or mental, and lastly describing various events & happenings the editor finds appropriate to reveal in promoting the honorable cause of his client.

Mr. Barrett is a Master's International Student at Michigan Technological University. His Peace Corps service in Madagascar will contribute to a degree in Environmental Engineering. The contents of this site are Mr. Barrett's alone and do not reflect the views of Michigan Tech, Peace Corps, or the United States government.

Saturday, January 28

If interested, take a look at some of the short videos linked on the left side of the page. Two of my favorites are Ride of the Valkyries and Man Walking to Light. The movies were a way to document my time in the north country. With luck, I'll be able to post some interesting one's from Madagascar.

Wednesday, January 25

This photo, as well as the one heading this page, was taken in Ambatofotsy by Jonathan Annis. It is here that I might spend the next two years of my life.

Here is PCV Jon Annis helping two workers transport cement across a rice paddy. Jon will help me in my transition before he returns to MTU to present his research.

Saturday, January 21

Mr. Barrett wakes early today and poaches two eggs. Nothing specific to report on his actions aside from noting that his departure date approaches swiftly - February 12th. He will report to Philidelphia, where he will then be given his mandate & sent off via New York, Dakar, & Johannesburg to Antananarivo. He has a glass of milk and goes to bed. I wonder if he realizes that soon he will be sleeping on compressed earth.