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Thursday, June 22

To those of you out there engaged in the frenzy surrounding the World Cup, I dedicate this photo. A two hour hike west from Ambatofotsy brings you to the village of Tsaratanana and the edge of the Ranomafana-Andringitra forest corridor. The photo shows a hilltop that has apparently been cleared to allow a soccer field. At a time when everyone is talking about the sport and how the world unites around it and how one can glimse the new world order through it and so on, I don’t know what to make of this puzzling scene. If you took a vote today – rainforest or soccer field – what, I wonder, would people say? Let’s let the enthusiasm die off a little before we do anything rash.


Blogger michael said...

hey luke...former health volunteer from ambalavao (mike) checking in. happy to have stumbled upon your blog and will gladly be following your course. videos are great too. indulge in some bruschette and sakay at the hotely akaiky the fianar flophouse for me. missing it all. be well.

11:01 pm  
Blogger stephanie davenport said...

They were like World Cup zombis. Everywhere I went, the Peruvians were glued to their television sets for the "Mundial". Thanks for reading my blog. You inspired me with this one- I had never even read a blog before. Now that I'm back in the OIE, I can live vicariously through you!
Un abrazo, Stephanie

3:45 pm  
Anonymous Fredline said...

Hi Luke,
Thanks for sharing this picture with us.It's a breathtaking photo. I think it's a very good point that you brought up with the rain forest question and the soccer field. However, I think that this world is a world of compromises and that sometimes that's the best you can have.
I hope you are enjoying your stay in Madagascar! Cheers!

5:59 pm  
Blogger Z said...

Luke, my name is Elizabeth, and I go to church with Pam and Richard Haney. Mrs. Haney pointed me to your blog because I wspent 6 weeks in Madagascar last summer. I fell in love with the village near Mahajanga where we stayed, and your beautiful videos, although mostly on the east coast have brought me to a place of nostalgia. I guess I just want to say thanks for your service, and I hope to hear more about your adventures.

11:13 am  
Anonymous timothy said...

bradah bradah - hope this is reaching you well, missed dearly bro. All is well here, lots of traveling and lots of work lately - but in SD now and will be content for a few weeks atleast. Sailing every wednesday now in a summer race series, great way to end a day - how are the sunsets in your neck of the woods? Your package is finally in the mail, by the way - haven't figured out this new laptop (apple) entirely yet, but threw a CD in there with some pics and unedited movies. How is your cat, and what did you name him/her? Also, do you need a good durable watch? Mom mentioned she sent you one, but I could drop you a basic g-shock if need be - they're indestructable! Already working on a second package your way, but hopefully this one will be sent in a more timely manner. Surf is picking up today, so I'll be paddling out shortly - water has warmed up to a bearable trunks temperature (high 60's, low 70's) and the sun is out. Much love your way bro, keep me posted on life and leisure - Timothy

2:16 pm  

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